We hold strong inventory in basic fabrics (eg: French terry, t-shirt jersey, interlocks) in a range of colors which can be quickly cut and sewn. We can also make fabrics to your specifications or in your desired colors/prints if minimums are met. We can also source and convert knit fabrics such as jacquards, dobbies, stripes, etc. and purchase nylon taffeta, twill, and other fabrics as needed.

  • The French terry (loopback jersey) we are currently using, a heavy 10.5 oz, is contract knit to our specifications. During fall, we make even heavier French terries, and during summer, we make French terries from 7.5 oz to 9.5 oz.

  • Our standard t-shirt jersey is a nice 7-7.25 oz, but we have the ability to make lighter and heavier weights as well.

  • We are making a high quality 9.75 oz 70/30 cotton/poly blend interlock that has a variety of applications, such as tracksuits, light jackets, dresses, etc. The filament yarn sandwiched inside it gives it a comfortable texture and makes it breathable.

  • We can make sustainable fabrics which are made with organic cotton or recycled materials, or new fibers such as bamboo.

Sports Uniforms

We have an in house sublimation printing unit and can quickly turn around orders for hockey jerseys, baseball jerseys, basketball jersey and shorts sets, and other types of sports uniforms, for both kids and adults. Our prices are competitive and our fabric quality is higher than average, as we have the ability and knowledge to produce a variety of premium fabrics.


Our basic t-shirt jersey which we have in stock in several colors is a beefy 7 oz, a little higher than industry standard. We also source stretchier cotton/lycra jersey, polyester jersey for sportswear, a very fine, soft double mercerized jersey, and other jersey fabrics.


We usually use a heavy 100% cotton 10.5 oz French terry or fleece for our hoodies, crewnecks, and sweatpants. We also do different shades of heathers in a cotton/poly blend. We can make variations with zipper pockets, panels of contrast fabrics, and customized trims.


We can make polo shirts from piques, interlocks, and jerseys. Cut and sewn panels, jacquard knit collars and welts, velvet-trimmed neck bands and side slits, traditional open plackets with 3 or 4 buttons, hidden plackets, and zipper fronts are all features we can incorporate into your garments, as well as any other ideas you come up with.


Jackets can be cut and sewn from both wovens and knits in a variety of styles. We have the ability to make lightweight jackets, jackets with or without lining, jackets with mesh or fleece lining, and jackets with a variety of pocket treatments and decorations.


We make different types of garments such as men’s shirts, ladies’ blouses, jackets, vests, shorts, etc. using dyed, printed, or yarn-dyed woven fabrics. Cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon, and blends are all types of fabrics we use, as well as different wovens like stripes, plaids, prints, jacquards and dobbies.


Apart from the trims we incorporate into finished apparel, we also offer trims like woven or printed labels, hangtags, patches, etc. on their own.


We can design and produce beanie hats, headbands, socks, and other apparel accessories.